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Poster Egypt
Egypt, the land of the pharaohs, has been a travel destination since time immemorial.


Nile Dahabiya Journeys

Egypt and the Nile

For centuries archaeologists and adventurers have travelled through Egypt, a land with an irresistible attraction. Egypt is blessed by the Nile, which flows from the South to the North.

HistoryAt home on the Nile

A journey on this legendary river on board a small houseboat offers the romance of the past. Sailing on such boats, known as Dahabiyas, was a popular way to travel and relax. While the boat glides over the water, past placid country scenes, the ruins of famous temples loom up on the horizon. That was how 19th-century travellers going up and down the Nile experienced life on board. Follow in their footsteps and sail the Nile by Dahabiya.

SkipperThe Rais

Every Dayabiya journey takes you not only to the well-known highlights on the banks of the river Nile, but also to lesser known sites only visited by the favoured few.
With the wind flapping at their long galabeyas, the Rais (skipper), and his crew will ensure you want for nothing.

This exclusive, relaxing way of travelling is for those who want the best. We can now invite travellers to recapture the elegant days of the past. Come aboard and enjoy!