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Egypt, the land of the pharaohs, has been a travel destination since time immemorial.


Our Boats


The golden one

A Dahabiya, in Arabic literally ‘the golden one’ is a large comfortable sailing boat of a simple but elegant form with two large lateen sails.

Our two boats are replicas of original Dahabiya boats from the 19th century. Both were built by local craftsmen in Esna following the design of a typical Dahabiya used in the past. They offer the romance of the past combined with the comfort and convenience of today.

Luxuriously furnished

“luxuriously furnished and fully air-conditioned”

The interiors of both Dahabiyas are luxuriously furnished and fully air-conditioned. All cabins and suites have their own private bathroom.
Dahabiya the Orient can accommodate up to 10 guests in four cabins and one suite.
Dahaybia Zekrayaat can accommodate up to 12 guests in four cabins and two suites.

Along the Nile


As no more than ten or twelve people can travel together, you share this experience with a small group of people. Travelling with such a small number of guests offers advantages. It means that every beautiful temple can be visited at the right time of the day. A walk through a small village can take place at the golden end of an afternoon. Moreover, the relatively small, manoeuvrable Dahabiyas are able to sail to less accessible monuments, islands in the river and villages along the banks, where the huge cruise ships never come or moor.